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Hope for Liberia through holistic education

Ebola Awareness Project: September 2014

Ebola is epidemic in Liberia. All schools are closed, but the Zondo community has a plan in place to help residents prevent ebola. To find out more and to donate, please visit our Zondo Ebola Awareness Project page on GiveMN.org.

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Thanks to popular demand, we've started a Facebook page! You'll find videos, photos, and updates.

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We've moved our online giving from Razoo to GiveMN due to increased fees at Razoo.

Community news: January 2014

Praise from district officials. A destructive storm. A new clinic. Zondo experienced all of these things in 2013. (Click here for more.)

Community news: February 2013

The Zondo community is thriving! (Click here for more.)

New in May 2012! The Substance of Things Hoped For

Arthur Crusoe's touching speech describes the Zondo school, in his own life and the lives of the students and the Zondo community. (Click here for pdf.)

2011 School Supplies Have Arrived in Zondo

You can request boxes, posters, fliers, and supply lists for your group's 2012 collection now. Click here for more on school supplies... (click here for more)

Now Available: After the Bullets Fly

Read After the Bullets Fly, Arthur Crusoe's grace-filled story of war and redemption. (Click here for pdf.)

2010 School Supplies Joyfully Received in Zondo!

More than 300 boxes of school supplies were distributed by Family of Hope Director Jacob Karngar on December 6. We've posted a brief YouTube video so that you can see the enthusiastic reception.


2009/2010 Zondo School Update

More than 500 children have registered at the Zondo school! Among the 500 are the first twenty participants in the Zondo school Girls' Hostel program…(click here for more)

2009 Visit to Zondo

Barrett and Amy Fisher travelled to Zondo in early July. View pictures or read the Fisher's reflections on Zondo's progress and challenges…(click here for more)

Zondo's Sixth Graders Excel

Test results for the Zondo school arrived just in time for Christmas. All 14 sixth grade students who sat for the West African Exam in May 2008 passed! The 100% pass rate is unique among Liberian schools, one more indication of the incredible commitment of the students and their teachers...(click here for 2013 academic news)

2008 Visit to Zondo

Family of Hope Executive Director Jacob Karngar spent September 2008 in Liberia. View pictures of the school and marvel at then-and-now travel conditions...(click here for more)

"You Have Saved Us from Destruction": Messages from Zondo

Principal Arthur Crusoe and Counselor Bill Dean sent greetings to U.S. supporters...(click here for more)

The Zondo Building Project

People from the Zondo community provided countless hours of volunteer labor. They carried over 500 bags of cement and 240 steel beams more than 5 miles on a jungle path...(click here for more)


The following 2 texts given as speeches by Byron Tarr, a native of Liberia, offer a helpful look at the life and government of Liberia. Dr. Tarr has held three cabinet positions in the government of Liberia...(click here for more)
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